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Flather & Perkins provides coverage for corporate collections, galleries, exhibitions, museums, and antiques. We have earned our reputation because of our in-depth knowledge and experience in this highly specialized field. And we provide expertise and personal service at surprisingly competitive prices.

We specialize in programs for members of the following organizations:

-           Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association

-           Antiques Council

-           Antique Dealers’ Association of America

-           Art and Antique Dealers League of America

Summary of our Fine Arts Dealer Program

    •Each account is individually underwritten to ensure the insurance coverage provided are tailored to the specific needs of the client, including Art Reference Library.

    •Each account is reviewed annually to adjust coverage, should there be any changes in actual exposures

    •Transit and Other Location coverage is written to provide coverage worldwide for exhibitions and/or shows; in storage; at the restorers; at a client on approval, etc. This coverage also applies to transit including Fed Ex, UPS, Fine Arts carriers, as well as while being transported by the insured or their agent.

    •Owned goods are insured using a pre-determined valuation based upon cost, cost plus a percentage, or selling less a percentage.

    •Consigned goods are covered at the lowest agreed consigned value plus a percentage.

    •Items sold, but not delivered, are covered at the selling price.

Non-inventory Business Personal Property coverage is also available, with $1,000,000 General Liability.

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