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We are the agency that insurance companies, museum curators, collectors, antiques dealers, and gallery owners rely on for knowledge and advice -- a fact in which we take great pride. We have earned our reputation because of our in-depth knowledge and experience in the small and highly specialized field of Fine Arts Insurance. That expertise allows us to write Fine Arts coverage specially designed to suit each individual client's needs.

Being involved in the Fine and Decorative Arts world on a daily basis -- and personally knowing and working with the leading appraisers, curators, adjusters, collectors, auctioneers, and restoration specialists in this small and elite field -- we are able to provide our clients with expert, up-to-date advice on all aspects of their Fine Arts Insurance needs.

What if the unthinkable happened? Your precious collection has been damaged, stolen, or destroyed - would you be prepared for such a loss? Read "For What It's Worth, The Key to Insuring Your Collection" by Bruce Coleman Perkins from The Catalog of Antiques & Fine Art.

For more information on our special programs for Collectors, Antiques Dealers, Museums, and Fine Arts Galleries, contact us at info@flatherperkins.net, or click on these links for more details on our customized programs for Fine Arts Collectors or Fine Arts Dealers.

For more information about our highly customized personal insurance programs, contact us at info@flatherperkins.com
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